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Personalized Tutoring Service √ 


Focused on Early Literacy and Foundational Learning √

Professional guidance for Reading, Writing,

and Math skill development √

Certified Teacher with more than 20 years of experience √

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Phone: 305 338 0876

Building strong foundations for success!

The early years, are crucial for developing foundational skills that are essential for academic success.

Tutoring plays a vital role in supporting this development by providing personalized attention, fostering a love for learning, addressing learning gaps, and building confidence.

Investing in tutoring during these formative years sets children on a path towards a successful educational journey and equips them with the skills they need to excel in school and beyond.



Our dedicated program blends interactive educational materials with the expertise of experienced guides to create a stimulating learning environment.

By individualizing instruction and employing hands-on resources, our tutoring service empower students to develop essential literacy skills, fostering a passion for learning that extends beyond the classroom.


With engaging lessons tailored to each child’s learning style, as an experienced teacher and tutor I am able to provide personalized support to boost confidence and mastery in math concepts.
From number recognition to problem-solving strategies, we empower young learners to excel in mathematics with enthusiasm and precision.

Social Emotional

We recognize that every child is a unique individual, and empowering them to overcome challenges in academics starts with fostering their emotional well-being.

Tiny Thinkers Tutoring provides guidance, encouragement, and support to enhance emotional skills, creating a respectful and positive environment where students can thrive.

Critical Thinking

Supporting the development of Critical Thinking in young children through a one-on-one learning process is crucial for nurturing their problem-solving skills and fostering a habit of questioning and analyzing information from a young age.

Tiny Thinkers Tutoring inspires young children to develop essential critical thinking skills through engaging activities and personalized guidance.

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